Authentication of documents

Documents issued by Canadian Authorities and intended for use in the Republic of Belarus have to be legalized / authentificated by:

Step 1

Authentication Services Section at Global Affairs Canada


Provincial and territorial authentication services

Step 2

Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the United States of America

To legalize / authentificate an official document the applicant should submit to the Embassy:

1. Photocopy of valid government-issued identification document (for instance passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card, provincial or territorial driver's licence, identification card etc.) or letter with formal request on the Company's letterhead;

2. Document legalized / authentificated by Authentication Services Section at Global Affairs Canada or Provincial and territorial authentication services;

3. Acceptable payment document;

4. Pre-paid envelope at least 26 cm x 15.9 cm / 10.2" x 6.2" (FedEx, UPS) with the filled return address (when applying by post).

Processing time is 10-15 business days (does not include postal service).

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