Authentification of documents

Effective January 11, 2024 Canada joined an Apostille Convention, authenticated documents will include a standard certificate called an apostille. The apostille eliminates steps required to get documents accepted in countries where the convention is in effect, including the Republic of Belarus. 

Documents issued by Canadian Authorities from January 11, 2024 and intended for use in the Republic of Belarus have to be previosuly apostilled by Canadian side.

Full information on the authentification procedure can be found on the website of the Global Affairs Canada.


Documents issued by Canadian Authorities before January 11, 2024 and already legalized / authentificated by Authentication Services Section at Global Affairs Canada or Provincial and territorial authentication services and intended for use in the Republic of Belarus still have to be legalized / authentificated by Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the United States of America

To legalize / authentificate an official document the applicant should submit to the Embassy:

1. Photocopy of valid government-issued identification document (for instance passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card, provincial or territorial driver's licence, identification card etc.) or letter with formal request on the Company's letterhead;

2. Document legalized / authentificated by Authentication Services Section at Global Affairs Canada or Provincial and territorial authentication services;

3. Acceptable payment document;

4. Pre-paid envelope at least 26 cm x 15.9 cm / 10.2" x 6.2" (FedEx, UPS) with the filled return address (when applying by post).

Processing time is 10-15 business days (does not include postal service).

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