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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus O.Kravchenko participates in the Holocaust Remembrance Day at the U.S. Department of State


On May 1, 2019 on the Holocaust Remembrance Day for the first time in history of Belarus-U.S. relations the U.S. Department of State (Washington) hosted joint event to commemorate victims of Nazi genocide of Jewish population.



It was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, the U.S. Department of State, and the Embassy of Belarus in the United States. The event was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of elimination of the Minsk Ghetto.
Representatives of the Department of State and other U.S. government agencies, Jewish organizations, diplomats, journalists were among the participants. In total over 100 people took part in the event.
Special guests of the evening were Savely Kaplinskiy – Minsk Ghetto survivor, member of underground, war veteran and Svetlana Gebeleva – daughter of the leader of the underground in the Minsk Ghetto Mikhail Gebelev.