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SUMMARY on teaching Holocaust in Belarusian schools and educational work on Holocaust

(on the basis of information prepared by the Ministry of Education of Belarus)


Material on Holocaust is part of textbooks on such subject of school curriculum as “World History” and “History of Belarus”. According to study programs on “World History” and “History of Belarus”, approved by the Ministry of Education of Belarus, notions of “genocide” (history of Belarus, 10th grade, course “Belarus in World War II”) and “Holocaust” (world history, 10th grade, course “World War II”) are obligatory for students to learn.

History of Holocaust is studied in courses “Western world before World War II”, “Fighting invaders on occupied territory” (world history, 10th grade), “Fighting Fascists in European countries before World War II” (9th grade), German occupational regime on the territory of Belarus” (history of Belarus, 9th and 10th grades).

In 2018, with the assistance from Minsk International Educational Center, a group of practicing teachers produced a didactic book “Minsk ghetto”, the electronic version is available at International experience on teaching the history of Holocaust was used in preparing the book. It can be used by teachers of history, public science and literature.

The Ministry of Education pays special attention to organizing in educational institutions actions, competitions, patriotic projects, taking into consideration the significance of research on Holocaust in Belarus.

During Days of Commemoration on the occasion of 75th anniversary of liquidation of the Minsk ghetto information classes were held in educational institutions throughout Belarus on events of the World War II in different cities and towns of Belarus. There were held “Lessons of Courage” dedicated to heroism of participants of anti-fascist resistance in the Minsk ghetto, meetings with ghetto survivors and their relatives, thematic exhibitions about those events in museums and libraries located in educational institutions, walking and driving tours with monuments and memorials related to the Minsk ghetto included in routes.

School students in different parts of Belarus organized routes to the places of mass killings of the Jewish population, exhibitions of paintings “Children victims of the Holocaust”, collection of information on the Holocaust, meetings in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Children are engaged in search activities and research on war history of Belarus and preservation of the memory of the Holocaust victims. Results of the research are presented at local, regional, national and international competitions and conferences.

Students of an Osipovichi school, Mogilev region took part in the 17th international competition “Memory of the Holocaust – path to tolerance” in Moscow. A painting “Memory of the heart” by students of a school from Senno district, Vitebsk region was awarded at an international competition “Victims of Nazism and sites of mass killings in Belarus”.


Museums in educational institutions let students learn about events during the Great Patriotic War. Many exhibits represent the theme of the Holocaust.


In the framework of the project “Trostenets – place of memory, Trostenets – place of sorrow” students organize tours in Trostenets memorial complex for students, teachers, guests of Minsk.